It is true that, earning a sustainable income online can be very challenging. Beginning from being an affiliate marketer to selling your own products, earning profits does not come on a silver platter.

Many online entrepreneurs begin well by earning a few bucks and their earnings eventually taper off to zero income as a result of being banned by their affiliate networks.

This is mostly due to violations of terms and conditions and lack of ideas in pursuing a cost effective campaign for optimum results.

Here are a few guidelines to consider if you want to earn a sustainable income as an affiliate.

  • Be ready to do the real hard work. There are no short cuts if your goal is to build a lasting business.
  • The question is, what is hard work? It begins with a coordinated planning of your marketing campaigns to ensuring that, you generate high quality leads that convert. 
  • How do you generate high quality leads? Getting a budget for your campaign is a good starting point. After all, there is no free lunch. What you put in is what you get.
  • Whether you're using a PPC campaign, email marketing, media buys, etc, ensure that, you're working with a partner who gives you results at the least comparable cost so you can make profits.
  • Please note that, it is always good to start small. You will not be rich as an online marketer in a few days. Just like any orthodox business, profits trickle in and increases exponentially in due time.
  • For a webmaster, the basic rule is to get your website to generate good quality traffic. When this is achieved through an effective SEO campaign, you're now ready to maximize your earnings from your site by placing the appropriate affiliate offers on your website so you earn from conversions.

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