How to earn online with your own website

With the widespread use of online resources, making money online is no longer uncommon. It creates a good passive way of earning for most people while others depend on the internet to earn full income. A website is a great tool for such an endeavor since it offers so many opportunities. The first step is to create a free website for those who don't own one. You also need to have great content on that website to have more followers.

 website and you get paid every time someone clicks.

It requires signing up with google after which they place a code on your site in order to start displaying adverts. The adverts will be in the same category as the content of your website making it easy for people to click.

This is a good way to earn from your traffic which means you need to work towards having many people visit your website every day. You can earn between $0.5 to $5 with every click.

Affiliate marketing

This involves having other people's products on your website and getting a commission when someone buys that product. An affiliate link is created that customers click to view and buy the product. This link is placed on your website and is what is used to get your commission. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize your website.

Offering products and services

Selling your own can be rewarding but it requires extensive preparation before the product can be sold. Take care of delivery and payment methods as well as taxation processes before you start.


Other ways to earn as a webmaster include displaying sponsored content, offer consultations and organizing paid webinars among others. Make sure you generate unique, relevant and interesting content to have more people visit your site. The more traffic you have, the higher your chances of making more money.

Web hosting

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