Energy conservation is an important factor since it affects the entire ecosystem and not just human beings. Excessive consumption of energy has many negative effects on the climate and can cause adverse changes in cold and warm temperatures. It is therefore important to practice caution when it comes to energy consumption since it helps in preventing extreme climatic conditions such as very high temperatures. Energy consumption examples that we can practice are turning off the lights when not in use, opting for appliances that consume less energy such as lights, and walking short distances instead of driving. From the green technology definition, adapting such can also help with energy conservation.

According to the law of conservation of energy definition, energy can only change its form. This shows that if we use energy properly, we can exhaust all its benefits without endangering the environment.

Technology has made it possible for people get rewarded for using less energy. One needs an account with a power company and gets rewarded every time they avoid doing things that lead to more consumption.